YOUR Powering Through Story

Powering Through is a nationwide live event speaker series featuring incredible guests from inside and outside the community sharing their story of powering through adversity. We've criss-crossed the country with Powering Through and met so many wonderful people with their own stories of overcoming adversity that we decided to find a way to collect those stories in one place and start bringing them to the community.


So, we want to hear from YOU, our blood brothers and blood sisters about YOUR greatest challenges and how you overcame them, or how you're working to overcome them now.


Your empowering, daunting, and uplifting stories will be distributed through The Powering Through podcast, and through National Cornerstone Healthcare Service (NCHS)'s popular Facebook page. NCHS is the sole sponsor of Powering Through and has been since the program's inception!

What has been the greatest challenge of your life, and how did you overcome it? How did you "power through," or how are you working to power through it now?

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